Meet the topminds.

Collection of history's greatest minds are coming to Solana. 10,000 characters, based on 100 unique versions of all 100 TopMinds.

Alpha drop
with first 100.

The 100 greatest minds, innovators, leaders, thinkers, writers made collectible.

Next drop with
the next 500.

Each TopMinds toy highlights the person's  history, achievements and breakthroughs.

More drops until
all 100 released.

Owning our NFTs make you an original owner and eligible for royalties. See FAQs for details.

Yes there'll be a
TopMinds token.

TopMinds are limited to 100 of each and every character, making each one rare and collectable.

The roadmap,
from 1 to 100.

Over the coming months we'll drop all 100 TopMinds, with the first five ready
to go, and a stealthy mint of 100 coming soon ;) 

Coming soon 0.25

Collect the
toys too.

All 100 of the TopMinds characters will be available as toys with rare packaging, and a toy that's linked to your NFT via a chip we've developed with our partner TrueMarked. Each toy can only be ordered by the NFT holder. Sold separately.

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We're working on a Token that'll be airdropped throughout the year to all TopMinds holders. Naturally the first few drops will give you the most tokens to reward our alpha community! 

Help shape the top 100.

First five characters are locked, but the rest is up to our community.
Vote now to get whitelisted for future drops ⚡️

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