Celebrate and collect history's greatest minds.

TopMinds are educational toys and rare NFTs designed to make learning and earning fun for the whole family. First drop now available! 🔥

Inspire kids
and adults too.

The 100 greatest minds, innovators, leaders, thinkers, writers made collectable.

Make learning history fun.

Each TopMinds toy highlights the person's  history, achievements and breakthroughs.

Learn about
smart contracts.

Owning our NFTs make you an original owner and eligible for royalties. See FAQs for details.

Strictly limited
cards and toys.

TopMinds are limited to 100 of each and every character, making each one rare and collectable.

Top 100 history makers made cute, fun & collectable.

TopMinds are not just collectors items, they're educational toys that helps kids learn about history of each character and their achievements. They're also a great way to learn about smart contracts, digital assets and even the basics of programming.

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Real toys, rare NFTs, and a world first ;) 

TopMinds is the first collection of its kind, and gives you a real toy and matching NFT in a single purchase. Each toy and NFT are individually numbered, and there are also Ultra Rare gold cards - with only five of each character available (randomly allocated).

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Characters with unique traits and rare skills based on history.

All characters featured in TopMinds has unique skills and their toy (and card) let you explore some of their greatest breakthroughs, designed to inspire eager minds.

NFC Chip within toy
Links to unique content about the history maker.
Smart Contract
Original owners eligible* for royalties via smart contract.

Future ready and designed for play.

Each character has their own  traits, and as TopMinds are digital collectables each backed by their own Non Fungible Token, each with their a unique hidden skill. TopMinds characters will be added to games, quizzes, content and more.

Every character has traits‍
Based on their historic achievements and skills.
Plug and play
Bring TopMinds characters to life by interacting with their data.

Help us decide who
makes the top 100!

It’s no easy task narrowing this down so thought we’d involve TopMinds fans in the process and let you have your say in who should make the top 100 😍

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